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Vocational Training

The special child grows into an adult just like a normal child. Unless he can feel useful and be gainfully employed and earn his own living, his dignity will be bruised and his mental and emotional well-being would be threatened. The Vocational training centre was started for intellectually challenged adults over 18 years of age. The self reliant individuals groomed from Spandan are assisted in job placements so that they make a mark for themselves in society and are appropriately rewarded for their work.


Glimpse of Our Activities

Offer the region’s most competent, nurturing, safe and inexpensive facilities to turn differently-abled children into self-confident individuals with the growing acceptance of their families and friends

The Focus


Adults are taught skills and courage to venture into the outside world, learn to communicate and be understood inspite of speech problems, write their name, count, and carry out daily acts of living.

All adults in the children are trained to make the following:

  • Office Files

  • Paper Bags

  • Candles

  • Envelopes

The products created are sold to institutions, visitors to the centre and the community through exhibitions. The proceeds are distributed amongst the adults of the centre. The main focus of the centre is to provide steady, life-long employment to a larger number of special adults.


  • Increased sense of pride due to earning ability

  • Lower dependency on family

  • Strong relationships with peers at work

  • Overall higher happiness quotient

    Highlights: Many Spandan’s students have been gainfully employed in different companies and as per the survey done by us recently; they are working at par or even better than their normal IQ colleagues.

    Two of the students have been working in our school itself, one as an office boy and other one as helper in the school bus.

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