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Pre-vocational Training

The children who do not excel academically are taken into the pre-vocational group where they are trained to be able to earn a livelihood.


The Focus


The pre-vocational unit was set up with the objective of training these special children before they enter into Vocational unit. This unit aims to develop these children into self-reliant individuals. Special children in this training group are trained to hone their fine motor skills so that they are gainfully employed in the near future.

Training is provided in:

  • File making – Understanding symmetry, creasing, punching holes, etc

  • Art – to be used in making bags, envelopes, etc

    The children are also often exposed to hone their daily acts of living such as keeping their surroundings clean, keeping count of money and being responsible members of society.


  • First step towards financial independence

  • Fine motor skills development

  • Social inclusion

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