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Academy of Excellence

Conceptualization: While there is no dearth of private classes for extracurricular activities for the regular students, there was no such place for the Special needs kids. Even if they enrolled in the regular classes they would usually not be able to cope with fast-paced learning. With the main goal of aiding the physical and mental development of the children as well as providing a unique opportunity to the special children of Vadodara, the Academy of Excellence was opened on 29th Dec 2015. Here we give the opportunity to Special needs individuals of all age groups irrespective of whether they are enrolled in the School or not and at very subsidized rates.


The Focus
The main centres under this umbrella include


Centre of Performing Arts – Various forms of dance is taught to children along with vocal and instrumental music lessons in Casio, harmonium and tabla.

Computer Education Centre – Basic computer skills are taught to children to help them find office jobs as they grow and excel.

Art & Craft Centre –
The focus of this centre is to teach drawing, painting, creating the best out of waste, artefacts and many other creative objects.


  • With this centre every child benefits in the following areas: Social awareness, interaction skills, language and communication, attention span, self-help skills, fine motor coordination, motor development, visual and auditory skill development and most importantly their confidence.

  • Music therapy helps to decrease maladaptive behaviour and reinforce positive behaviour.

  • Craft therapy offers an opportunity for self-expression and reduces anxiety and stress. It also improves concentration, attention and sitting tolerance.

  • Promotion and participation in all District and State level competitions give them the opportunity to show their skills to the world.

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