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Day Care Section

The children with intellectual disabilities are often affected by other disabilities and co-morbidities; many also have epileptic seizures. We saw a few students in Spandan with stagnancy and regression in learning. These children are shifted to the Day Care Center.


The Focus


To keep working with the children with stagnancy and regression in learning; and if there is an inkling of progress, they are re integrated in their ability-appropriate classroom.

Methodologies employed are:

  • Flash card learning

  • Art based activities

  • Theme-based activities


IMG_20191021_101846 (1).jpg
  • Opportunity to the child to keep learning even though they keep forgetting the learning.

  • Providing therapies as per their needs.

  • Giving the mother and the family hope that there is someone who will always keep working on their child no matter what.

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